Audi Drivers are up their own hole according to a new study, self-centered men who are argumentative, stubborn, not the brightest, but think they know it all and overall are Big fucking Ginny Annes. Although all Audi Drivers are up their own hole, not all of them are in same category. There are more Audi drivers further up their own hole than others according to up yer hole pyramid. Lets explain more Continue reading “Audi Drivers Topped The Poles In NI For Being Up Their Own Hole”



A dig in the Bake

Now we have all heard the saying a dig in the bake. Simply means a dig/punch in the face.

Now a lot of teenagers or kids now days need a dig in the fucking bake. A lot of them have no respect for anyone, I blame their parents who also need a dig in the bake. This is what is wrong with the place, there is a shortage of dig in the bakes flying around. If there was a new paramilitary group that just handed out dig in the bakes. We wouldn’t have these cheeky wee fuckers running about that couldn’t beat snow off rope. They wouldn’t be torturing people and  giving society a bad name. Bring back digs in the bake.


There would be a decrease in the wee cardboard gangsters if we brought back digs in the bake. These cardboard gangsters who think there class selling a bit of smoke to their mates., thinking they are on the same level as Pablo Escobar. They cant even afford a a translink day ticket, Wee cunts  got a dig in the bake they would be put in their place. Good dig in the bake.


Also no such thing as a fair dig anymore, all weapons and knives they use these days, bunch of cowards. Go fist to fist separate mice from the  men. We need to bring dig in the bake back forget about loosing culture. We are loosing the produce of decent people. Bring back the fucking good old dig in the bake. 


I want to bring back dig in the bakes. All people that need a dig in the bake. Slabbers, Touts, People who think they are better than you, social media attention seekers, brown nosers in work and people who complain all the time (karens), spoofers , people who blame everything on everything else and everyone when its fucking them.  I could go on for ages but leave it with people who don’t wave when you let them out of a junction. How could I forget Bullies. 


We need to find one person that falls under this category , wont need to look too far and hit them a dig in the bake. Pass it on. Ballbegs




Guddies or chip buddies means trainers. Trainers are just too snobby for us classy Belfast people. We will always say guddies. The new generation try to reinvent it with kicks. They need a dig in the bake or boot in the hole. When hitting someone a boot in the hole its always good to have a decent pair of guddies on. Guddies come in handy when running from the peelers, you can wear them with anything, white socks, shorts, pjs, housecoat, tracksuit, jeans, some mad bastards even wear them with a suit or dress but that’s a new level. Fuck that.



Scundered means when you feel cat, still don’t understand, when you hit a fucking redner, still dont understand, when your cut to pieces. You feel scundered when you get embarrassed.  You feel scundered when your standing in the school playground picking up the kids and your riping the back out of another child and their ma and da and they re standing behind you the whole time. Fuck me scundered for ya. Anyone says scundered a hundred needs a fucking dig in the bake.


A poke

A poke is not like a poke you get by a finger or in some cases getting poked on facebook or even poked with a cock. A poke is something we all like in Belfast and goes down nicely on a hot day. A poke is what we call a ice cream in a cone. Us hard bastards call it a fucking Poke. Do you wanna a wee poke? in Belfast is an ice cream don’t be shy of a poke.


Wind yer kneck in

Wind yer Kneck in is a classic. You can usually hear it when two people are slabbering or someone is trying to pull a fly one. When someone is taking the piss or sticking their nose in when not wanted, you tell them to wind yer kneck in. But if you want it to sound proper. Its listen mate wind yer fucking kneck in will ye. You have to get the will ye on the end and a wee violent curse word in there spruces it up like fuck.




Muckers are your mates people you know, people that have been sound to you in your life. They are all known as my wee mucker or if they are  hard as fuck its big mucker. They can also be a fat bastard too you can call them big mucker or a fat fucker.




Ball Beg is not an actual ball bag. It refers to an actual ball bag, but a ball beg is some one who gets on like a fucking dick, an idiot a wanker, they are just known as ball begs, you can get a single ball beg or a bunch of ball begs if it is more than one.